Hire a Butler with Royal Pedigree

If you want to selectively hire a butler for special occasions and events, or just want to test drive the experience of having your own personal butler – look no further than Randolphs.


This firm specialises in supplying highly trained butlers to the rich and famous. They guarantee a discreet service and will “anticipate everything and overlook nothing” – sounds perfect!

Steven Randolph who runs Randolph’s has a fine pedigree. According to their web site:

“Steven J Randolph established Randolphs in 1999, having learnt his trade at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the British Embassy in Paris before becoming head butler at the Lanesborough Hotel in London. His experience also includes the hosting and managing of successful VIP events such as Royal Ascot and Henley Royal Regatta.”

What better way to get your first experience of a personal butler….

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