A showcase of a fine selection of French wines from Vente Privee

By Toby Rose
Lussorian was invited to Paris, the setting for a showcase of a fine selection on the French wine list of VentePrivee.com.

A handful of wine producers from across France took up residence in a truly swank Montmartre hotel particulier. In each room was a display of wares and chance to taste the fine wines.

Outside the window was the click click cheer, or groan, of guests playing boules.

Quite a setting for a wonderful handpicked wine selection. Arriving through the garden gate we were welcomed by our hosts for La Nuit-en-Rose with a glass of rose. Bien sur!

Making our way up the designer staircase of Hotel Particulier Montmartre was to enter a wine wonderland. First we meet a young man from the house of Domaine Hugel et fils. Though youthful, he proudly told us he was the thirteenth generation of this 25 hectare house of Reisling. And it was really a rather wonderful offering.


Next we passed into the next room and from North Eastern France to the leafy slopes of Cháteau du Moulin-a-Vent for the smoothest of reds.

Of course no showcase of the fruits of French wines would be complete without champagne. The producer on display was Champagne Philipponnat from the small commune of Ay outside the Champagne powerhouse of Epernay, home to Moet et Chandon among other top names.

The selection of high quality niche product was proof positive that Vente Privee was selective and was looking to widen experience and offer product not just the obvious and inevitable. This was an intelligent and adventurous selection.

This members-only site has a loyal and large following of millions, which makes its mark by putting its name on the line when it puts a product on line.

The appearance of buy-on-line is a seal of approval in which the consumer can have confidence. Guests in the leafy Parisian foothills could confirm their word was their bond.

In an online world, confidence is paramount and, in this world, Vente Privee has proved they are a name to trust.

And as New York magazine commented the site`s aim is to be `a skyscraper in the increasingly crowded skyline`.

From the highest point in Paris it looks like they can lay claim to that title.

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