Electrolux Cannes Film Festival Chef`s Table – a Gastronomic Triumph Fit For Steven Spielberg

Guest post by Toby Rose
Cannes culinary partner Electrolux continues to promote gastonomic excellence alongside the best in world cinema. Literally.

The kitchen from which the Michelin starred dishes emerge is in the shadow of the famous red carpet of the Palais des Festivals.


This year has been especially starry – despite an unhelpful dousing of rain. The Great Gatsby was the first night with names including Leonardo di Caprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire feasting on the finest dishes.

The jury, headed by Steven Spielberg are regulars at the Electrolux table around which they deliberate with the not inconsequential distraction of the finest food on offer.

Later in the festival, Electrolux are creating a special menu for the man widely regarded as the greatest living director. A menu befitting such a legend will be a challenge but it is sure to offer the chance to test to the limit of the creative skills of 2 star Michelin chef Bruno Oger.

Given the prestige of the Electrolux offering at this year`s Cannes, it was a great honour to be invited to the Chef`s table to sample at first hand Chef Bruno`s cusine.

Before sitting at the handsomely set table we were invited into the kitchen to enjoy the most delicious amuse bouche. The lightest of crackers were the perfect compliment to the ginger flavoured dips which crumbled like stardust in the mouth. Set off further by the sparkling champagne bubbles of a coupe of Piper Brut.

After this first hand experience – up close and personal – we moved to the table, where a glass of Cháteau d`Armailhac 2003 stood proudly next to a horizontal stick of asparagus topped with caviar.


The main dish was a wonderful turbot with shellfish. A delicate seafood mixture which was perfectly complimented, not by the usual white wine, but a cleverly chosen red which was a Napa Valley cru via the Rothschild`s vineyards of Bordeaux. Teaming these two tastes was something really rather special.

Though the grown up savoury dishes were truly world class, it has to be said that the desserts were so scrumptious that the last dish was the taste that was left in the mouth and memory.

A crispy basket filled with a creamy whiote rum and pineapple was a sweet confection which left us gasping. As Paris Hilton might might well exclaim Oh My God ! This was a truly triumphant end to the meal. And left a smile on the face of all the lunch guests.

Judging by our lunch it is safe to say that Cannes Jury President Spielberg can expect a culinary encounter of the most sensational kind.

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