American Express Centurion Titanium Card

If you’re looking for some credit in these difficult times, then you might want to take a look at the American Express Centurion Titanium Card. Their service seems to offer everything but the kitchen sink!


Weird and wonderful client requests that have been fulfilled – include:

1. A Cardmember called American Express after becoming stranded in the Sahara desert. Centurion organised for the Moroccan army to airlift the couple to safety.

2. A Cardmember called to request ten rare African tree frogs which had to be a specific colour green for his daughter`s birthday. A member of the Centurion team located a pet shop in London that stocked the frogs and delivered them in time for the party.

3. A Cardmember desperate for a rare Hermes Birkin bag worth £100,000 asked American Express to find her one. American Express is working with Harrods to locate the bag in Europe.

4. Finding a bottle of 40 year old Don Perignon champagne for a Cardmember`s 40th wedding anniversary, the same vintage as they made their first toast with.

5. Arranging for a plane to fly over Victoria Falls trailing a banner saying `will you marry me?` for a Cardmember who wanted to propose to his girlfriend in style.

The service includes:

• 24/7, 365 days a year concierge service with a dedicated team of specialists that can handle virtually any request imaginable.

• Entertainment/Lifestyle – Centurion has acquired a reputation for personal, `do anything` concierge service, at hand every day to arrange everything from employing a private chef to orchestrating a bespoke expedition to the North Pole.

• Travel – Cardmembers benefit from Centurion`s global relationships with the world`s best airlines to offer lounge access and VIP services at International airports – being met off the plane on arrival, fast tracked through immigration, baggage collected and taken to a waiting limousine.

• Finance – Cardmembers benefit from expertise across a broad range of banking, investment, trust, estate planning and insurance service.

Apparently, Centurion is available by invitation only, it is not simply a case of applying for the card based on how much you earn! Exclusive or what….

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