Luxury New Years Eve Night In With Amazon Fresh

Have you heard of Amazon Fresh? Fresh is one of the latest addition’s to Amazon’s service and is their take on grocery delivery. Amazon Fresh is an add on for Amazon Prime members and requires an additional monthly fee of £6.99. The service works in a similar fashion to online Supermarket shopping; however, with Amazon Fresh, you have the ability to shop from a major Supermarket (such as Morrisons) and smaller, higher-end purveyors of fine foods, such as H. Forman & Son, Forman & Field and Konditor.

How does it work?

To place an order, simply select your delivery window, of which there are many and at no extra cost. Then go through the eclectic shopping catalogue to craft your perfect order, whether it be for banquets, buffets or just your weekly shop. Unfortunately, our first order was late and a little confusing. Our driver firstly turned up 30 minutes after the delivery slot and then proceeded to give us the incorrect bag. As a new service, we are convinced that Amazon will get this right eventually, but we were a little disappointed by the service.

Although the service was a little disappoint, the produce that came through our door was superb! Here are some of our favourite New Year’s Eve luxury treats to get your New Year’s Eve at home, on course.

Forman & Son Marinated Anchovies with Olives

Delicious treats, perfect for sharing and for nibbling on while festivities get going. Completely boneless anchovies are skewered onto cocktail sticks and then surround marinated olives. Ideal for pre-dinner canapés and tapas style gatherings. Established in 1905, H. Forman & Son is the oldest producer of smoked salmon in the world and they also are renowned for top notch, high end produce. They have excelled here!

Forman & Son Gravadlax Mixed Selection Pack 180g 

An exciting way to explore takes on smoked salmon and the ideal starter! This marinated Grade One Scottish Smoked salmon came with three delicious and unique cures. The first a Swedish Cure (classic gravadlax), then a beetroot Russian Cure and Japanese wasabi Cure. Each one delicious on their own with a hunk of crusty bread, in salad or in sandwiches.  For a point of contrast, we also tried the Morrisons Best Smoked Salmon, which was also super and a little cheaper.

Herdsman Chateaubriand (485g, £16.60)

The Herdsman Chateaubriand (485g) is a perfect show piece for the main dish of your New Year’s Eve banquet. Tender, easy to prepare and a real treat.  Herdsman beef is farm quality assured and is sourced from farmers who adopt strict animal welfare standards. A delicious and lean cut taken from the thickest part of the fillet. Season well, roast and serve with a red wine jus. Delicious! We washed this down with a

Campo Viejo 2010/2011 Rioja Gran Reserva, available for only £12.50 a bottle.


Forman & Field L’Orchidee Macaroons Full Selection (3 x 8 Macaroons, 1350g)

For the ultimate dessert, ideal for picking and for enjoying throughout New Year’s Eve, we highly recommend these macaroons. A bumper, fashionable collection of treats, these French specialities come in a trio of collections. The delectable Royal Velvet collection comes in flavours such as Red Velvet/Cappuccino/Kir Royal/Ferrero Rocher. All superb. There is also the Café Classic collection and Vintage Brut collection. Wonderful and a real treat.

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