Z Hotel Soho Review

The `Location location location` of the Z Hotel could not get much better. This new concept boutique on a budget offering is in the heart of the West End in the very shadow of the Palace Theatre home to the new production of Singing in the Rain.

My guess is that the Z will have people singing its praises for plugging a gap in the Market for a cute, practical yet affordable place to stay in the city centre. This concept is set to touch down in hot spots around the UK with Victoria and downtown Liverpool next on the list.


The Z concept is capsule. The rooms call to mind ships` cabins. The well thought out use of space is apparent in the design. Beds are on a ledge, which you won’t get to walk round and at the end is the TV. In my Queen size suite the shower and toilet were behind a stylish glass sliding door. All in grey, black and steel with the exception of the bright white of the basin and loo.

If you have the need to swing a cat this isn’t for you but if you`re passing though town for a couple of nights it is ideal.

Despite the dimensions you don’t get a sense of being rudely downsized. This place has style. The Z Hotel in Soho is fashioned out of two rows of town houses back to back. The space between the two buildings has been used to great advantage.

On the first floors there is an outdoor bar and smoking with seating and a parasol. Off at one end is a functional but funky feature, the spiral staircase, which climbs the full height of the building. This secret space lap-bang in bustling Soho is at once cute and yet uses the space to avoid the sense of being hemmed in.

Another factor is the quality of the staff. The young team is eager and smiles and cares. The welcome is big if the hotel is small.

Another aspect of Z hotel in Soho is that the reception runs into the cafe bar area, which connects right through the hotel, linking Old Compton Street with Moor Street. While technically a connecting passage it has been cleverly designed to allow the seating to preserve a sense of purpose as a Cody ace to coffee and breakfast. There is the opportunity to leaf through one of the papers in the rack.

For folks on the move who will be touching down checking in and heading out this is a really smart solution. Should you be on a business trip or planning to play hard this is the address for you.

They may have low ceilings but the Z Hotel aims high at a very bijou room rate from a boutique experience.

Low ceilings. High hopes.

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