The Glen Grant set to release 60 Years edition

Honoring acclaimed Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm, The Glen Grant are releasing a luxurious, limited-edition 60 Year Old single malt scotch, with a 52.8% ABV and a price tag of € 25,000.00.

The bottle commemorates the six-decades long career of The Glen Grant’s own Dennis Malcolm, known as one of Scotland’s longest serving distillers. This super limited offering is bottled from a single ex-Oloroso sherry cask (#5040) that was filled on October 24th 1960 – the oldest, to date, distillery bottling in the brand’s 181 year history, with just 360 Decanters of the liquid available worldwide.

What’s more, each of the 360 hand-blown crystal glass decanters are marked with a bespoke number, and have been designed by world renowned Glencairn Studio, representing the design of the distillery’s unique tall slender pot stills. 

The decanter itself requires over 15 hours of expert craftsmanship for each creation, encompassing intricate details which symbolize the unique aromas of The Glen Grant. Each presentation case has the Master Distiller’s signature engraved within it and includes a Certificate of Authenticity, signed personally by Dennis Malcolm. 

In terms of nose and palate… the aroma starts with notes of vibrant Seville orange that give way to an unravelling of rich fruits and nuts; apricot, peaches, raisons, pecan nuts, and a hint of cigar smoke. Rich and fruity in taste with a beautiful balance of dark chocolate layered with treacle toffee, the taste has elements of a liquid fruit cake, finished with long, lingering flavours of figs, dates, liquorice, and a slight hint of smoke. 

Whilst it’s unlikely this mere mortal is going to ever get a chance to enjoy, what is sure is one of the finest whiskies known to man, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate some of The Glen Grant’s more accessible tipples, notably the 10, 12 and 18 year olds. 

The Glen Grant 10 year old

For me, the 10 sines as a nice light tipple to whet the palate before moving onto something a little more malty. It’s incredibly delicate, a good starter for 10 for single malt newbies, and it’s very affordable around the £30 mark.

On the nose: a really delicate presentation. Sweet apples, sugar cubes and overly ripe pears. A touch of grapefruit lifts things up a notch. Marzipan and green olives provide an interesting twist. Lemon sweeties and white chocolate. Water delivers vanilla and a floral note.

On the palate: even lighter and vapid on the palate. More of the apples and crushed almonds combined with a hint of fruit cake. 

I just love it’s refreshing finish.

The Glen Grant 12 year old

This is one of my top 5’s, it’s just plain and simple delicious.

Aged in ex-bourbon for 12 years and bottled at 43% ABV, there’s a sweetness to this that never fails to impress. Definitely more refined than its 10 year old sibling, you can expect soft and smooth notes that are clean, balanced and understated but with enough layers fruits, nuts and subtle spices to keep you coming back for more. 

On the nose: You’ll get those juicy fruity notes that The Glen Grant have become so well known for. Expect honey, pear and apple with hints of almonds and citrus.

On the palate: This is where it really comes alive, with delicious apple, caramel and vanilla with subtle hints of spice that will send your tongue tingling.

This is a fine whisky and at around £45 it’s still very affordable. If you like sweet and mellow whiskies, you’ll never want to put it down!

The Glen Grant 18 year old

OK, now we’re on to the big guns. This is quite simply a beautiful dram with light but succulent flavours. New to the core portfolio in 2016 came this 18 year old, which builds incredibly well on the brand’s core profile of light, honeyed fruits and floral notes by using their highest quality of handpicked ex-bourbon casks, adding further years of maturation and forgoing the sherry influence.

This is a true legend of a dram, no wonder it features in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2019 as the Second Finest Whisky In The World!

The Glen Grant18 year old is bottled at 43% and still in reach of the whiskey connoisseur’s pocket at around £120.

On the nose: Lightly dried citrus berries and watermelon, lemons with earthy floral. Honey, hibiscus and spices there as well.

On the palate: Raisins, cocoa, malt chocolate, zesty vanilla and light caramel. No wood or anything oak related.

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