World`s Best Digital TV Recorder – The TVonics DTR-Z500HD

Analogue is all but dead, Digital has been embraced – we move on.

Have you seen those images of all the analogue TVs in scrap yards? We now live in the Digital age, which has improved our lives endlessly.

But what about the next big thing? What about the next wave of technology which means we need to upgrade again?

I am all for advancement, but I am against the constant need to purchase the latest model because it can do something my current model cant.

And that`s why I love TVonics DTR-Z500HD, simply the World`s Best Digital TV Recorder.


This Freeview+ HD Digital TV recorder allows you to watch, record and pause digital SD and HD TV and with its 500GB Hard drive you can record hundreds of hours of your favourite programs.

Standard stuff, I hear you saying. Well, check this out!

When I first got this box, the above was all it could do and I was more than happy with it. I had ditched a cheaper version because of better clarity of picture and sound, not to mention an easier to use interface.

But now, after a free software upgrade available from the TVonics website, I get BBC`s iPlayer at a touch of the button.

This essentially makes my box a new version, up to date with the latest technology – at no extra cost.

An electronic gadget that can evolve and improve? The DTR-Z500HD is the way forward. What is interesting is how long this box can stay at the top.

As long as the updates keep coming, I guess.

And TVonics will continue with the software updates. Even better, Once the free software upgrade is downloaded, consumers will be able to receive future software and feature updates automatically via their internet connection, so there is no need to manually update products to get the latest software upgrades.

Andy Carr, CTO of TVonics commented: `We are committed to listening to our customers and providing them with the services they really want. Upgrading our Freeview+ HD recorders with internet services allows us to ensure that all customers have the latest features without a lot of hassle. Now, all they have to do is switch on and take advantage of new services as they arrive`.

So TVonics DTR-Z500HD Freeview+ HD recorder can remain new, regardless of how old it may be.

That`s why it is the World`s Best Digital TV Recorder.

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