What would your SoulScape look like?

Louis Parsons is a name you`d know if you`re into art… having created bespoke pieces for The White House, MPs and high net worth individuals he`s grown to become rather popular.

For the past 16 years Louis has been in pursuit of an understanding of the human spirit, and how our expressions in daily life reflect the soul. In fact he has written extensively on how creativity can be used to reveal the inklings of the soul and also runs Soul Expression seminars from his workshop in Cheltenham, helping people understand what makes them feel alive, a detox for the soul.

His unique artworks is otherwise known as SoulScape, an oil on canvas creation that reveal an individual`s inner most feelings, desires and perceptions and interprets these into unique pieces of art for the home. Obviously this is very personal art and prices start from £1,200 and up.



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