Valkee`a Bright Light Headset – the answer to those seasonal blues?

Today, I am writing about a rather interesting, and if I am honest, a rather `out there` product – the Valkee Bright Light Headset. The headset is designed to improve your mood and wellbeing, just by emitting light into your ears… um, I was sceptical too.


But how does it work? Here is the theory:

When it is dark, gloomy and raining outside, do you ever feel down? Do you ever feel like the weather and the change in seasons affects your mood? Well, maybe you are one of the UK`s four million people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD, as it is commonly, and rather ironically known, is a mood disorder that experts believe is related to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

According to Valkee (Valkee by the way is the Finnish word for Light, who knew?): `Sufferers experience normal mental health throughout most of the year, but during the darker winter months, encounter symptoms of depression and anxiety. It`s estimated that 17% of the UK population experience SAD in some form every winter. Light therapy, often used in conjunction with medication, is the most common treatment for the disorder.`

They go on to say: `The breakthrough by Valkee`s scientists was proving that the brain actually responds better to light shone through the ears than through the eyes – meaning that the same benefits could be delivered in just a few minutes, compared with much longer periods required by conventional therapies.`

The Valkee headset consists of something almost like a set of ordinary MP3 headphones and all you need to do, according to the box, is place them in your ears for 8-12 minutes a day and voila, you will feel a lift! Supposedly, the light emitting diodes penetrate the brain and it improves your piece of mind and relieves you of any SAD effects.

Does it work?

I know what you are thinking – `surely, this cannot work? This sounds like something from Star Wars or Back to the Future!`

Do I agree with the science, I think on the whole, yes, yes I think I do. The Valkee certainly gave me a lift and improved my mood, if only for a short period of time. However, I looked forward to using the headset every day, which must be a subconscious suggestion that I enjoyed its benefits and effects. But to be honest, I am still unsure; I found myself asking could it be a rather expensive placebo, or does it actually work? For now, I will side with the latter! While using the product I certainly felt something positive was happening and it definitely improved my overall mood – whether this was to do with light rays hitting my brain, I couldn`t possibly say – but, on this occasion, I am willing to believe in the science.

Give it a go and see what it can do for you!

Valkee headsets are currently available to buy directly from the Valkee website at The Valkee headset costs £185, and is available in white or black versions. It can be charged via the USB of any portable device such as a laptop (cable included) and any power socket with a USB power charger (sold separately).

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