Aquabar introduces Luxury Water Home Delivery Service For VIP and Executives.

Water is water right?!

NO! There`s Evian then there`s Aquabar, the most exclusive water delivery service to the rich and famous in the world. These guys are the first to develop a product and luxury experience when it comes to drinking water. The company currently services the glitterati of LA but are making plans for world domination. As well as water, the company are introducing luxury ice cubes in April 2007.


“We believe consumers are seeking a broader, healthier selection of products than what is currently being offered at their local grocer, gourmet retailer or hotel and spa of choice. We’ve notice a huge shift in the market; a dramatic change in attitude toward unhealthy beverage products, specifically within upscale establishments (four and five star hotel, etc.) who are switching over from soda and other unhealthy beverages to healthier products such as water, juice and tea. These companies are responding to their patrons and guests, who seek more variety and a healthier beverage alternative. Because this change has been identified within the luxury hospitality market, we believe the same demographic that frequents these establishments would appreciate having our products, which they so enjoyed during the vacation or stay away from home, in the comforts of their own homes,” says Jason Boarde, founder of AquaBar, Inc.

The company know all about demand for premium water as they are based in Beverley Hills. Each of their brands is based on taste, purity, quality, value and aesthetics — not dissimilar from their wine counterpart.

Cool product, but these guys need to invest some of those profits into a decent website! Check out

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