Unusual Luxury Lake Sculpture `The Lady Of The Lake`.

The old English legend of King Arthur is one of romance, betrayal and bravery, and sculptor, Gavin Haslup has brought the legend alive with this rather unusual lake bronze sculpture of The Lady Of The Lake.
Slightly larger than `lifesize human dimension` this piece will no doubt become a popular talking point and turn your lake into something a little more mysterious!

There are just 10 available with a price tag of £14,500. Purchase from Garden Of England Bronze Sculptures.


The story of the infamous Lady of The Lake…

King Arthur of the Britons fought his last at the battle of Camlan, against his treacherous son Mordred but, though he killed his enemy, Arthur himself lay dying at the end of the battle. Calling for the last remaining Knight of the Round Table, Sir Bedivere, he gave him his enchanted sword Excalibur and ordered him to throw into the nearby lake. On reaching the lake, Bedivere was so struck with the beauty and power of the sword that he hid it behind a tree and returned to Arthur. When Arthur asked Bedivere what he had seen when he had thrown the sword into the lake, Bedivere replied `Only the wind and the waves on the water`, and Arthur, knowing he lied, ordered him again to throw Excalibur into the lake. This time Bedivere did as he had been told and, as the sword fell toward the water, an arm rose from the surface and, catching the sword in its hand, waved it three times before drawing the blade below the water.

When Bedivere returned to king and told him what he had seen, Arthur knew he spoke the truth and the sword had been returned to the Lady of the Lake, from whose hand he had received it earlier in his reign.

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