Express Beauty Hits Bond Street at Groom

Pampering hits the fast lane under a new luxury trend beauty journos are calling `Express Beauty` and the salon paving the way in these miracle makeovers are Groom, tucked away behind St Christopher`s Place in Bond Street.

Lussorian was invited along to their `Beauty Lock in Night` (less a glamorous prison sentence and more of a showcase evening) with champagne, canapés and have course, their specialist mini-treatments.


Readers- I`m hooked. Groom is a genius idea, efficient beauty packages with `double the luxury in half time`, surely music to any busy career woman`s ears? I walked through a heat wave to get there in time, and arrived hot and flustered, make up had literally melted off my pink face and my chipped nails were complimented by a very short temper. I needn`t have been so stressed, their lovely staff took me in hand, supplying me with a flute of fizz and sitting me down to explain the venue whilst some lovely sparkly stuff was applied to my fingernails. I discovered Groom`s reputation has flourished in London where time is the biggest luxury of all. They package up treatments under snappy little titles like `dainty digits` and `party hands` not just to sound fun but also to help customers make quick and easy decisions. Being a blonde I decided to trial `wink and go`, a brow & lash tint followed by eyelash extensions (semi permanent lashes are applied by an expert in-house `Lash Technician`) All this may sound very technical and scary but of course it`s not, you simply lie there whilst a lovely person transform your peepers and leave you with big, bright and beautiful blues sans mascara. Other guest opted for a massage or a `zoom groom facial` which I can`t go into the detail about because my eyes were shut and my glass was full – but can report that many smiling guests looked remarkably fresh faced considering they had dined on nothing but cupcakes and alcohol.


This place is the multitasks dream, you can squeeze it into a days shopping, fit it into your lunch hour or even make it a pit stop on the way to a party. It`s an oasis in the heart of central London, now you’ve no excuse for unruly brows or chipped toenails, get polished and sorted!


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