Unusual luxury hotels – Join the ‘Mile Low Club’ in ‘Lovers Deep’

If being a member of the ‘Mile High Club’ is somewhat of an ‘old hat’ for you, you might want to try the latest in expanding your love-life to ever new heights, or, as it is the case here, depths. Here is what this is all about….

Lovers’ Deep

Oliver’s Travels, a British Travel company, recently launched its first ever underwater hotel – in the shape of a submarine called Lovers’ Deep. In this vessel, you will be plumging the oceans’ depths in utmost luxury, allowing you to take romance to ever new levels.


What’s included in the Deal

The submarine hotel features a sound-proof bedroom, spacious luxurious lounge and more. A captain and the services of a private butler and chef are included, as are speed-boat transfers to the vessel. Lovers’ Deep can be moored anywhere you like, from locations close to sunken Red Sea battleships to somewhere near one of St Lucia’s stunning coastal reefs and anywhere in between.

The Price and Optional Extras

The ‘basic’ package will set you back a cool £175,000/ night, which is hardly surprising considering the exclusivity of this experience and what is involved in getting you to the bottom of the ocean. If you have a little cash to spare after paying this price, you can also add a few optional extras like, for instance, champagne breakfasts; two-person showers and/ or beach landings, as well as helicopter transfers.

Experience of a Lifetime

It may not be cheap, but taking a break in this moving underwater hotel certainly offers an experience that will not only spoil you rotten, but will generate memories you will cherish for the rest of your life and, of course, you will become a proud member of the brand-new, exclusive ‘Mile Low Club’. All that remains to be said is ‘Bon Voyage’ and `happy deep sea loving`…

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