Most expensive headphones

The most expensive headphones have recently been produced by Ultrasone. Their latest Edition 8 luxury headphones offer supposedly unique sound quality and includes some delightful design details.


Retailing at a hefty £1199.00 ($2000 approx), Ultrasone are set to make these bad boys one of the most elite headphone products ever.

Ultrasone say:

“The Edition 8 headphone is the first to follow the latest S-Logic&#trade; Plus technology, which is patented by Ultrasone and developed to provide peerless sound quality to the listener. The S-Logic design incorporates a new titanium plated tri-bass-tube driver and uses decentralised driver positioning to push the sound around the ear, making it appear as though the listener is hearing speakers metres away. It also offers safer headphone use by cutting sound pressure levels by up to 40% (3-4 dB) allowing the same volume to be achieved with less damaging consequences.”

No idea what all that means, but it sounds impressive ehh….

Features include:

• S-Logic Plus Technology Natural Surround Sound
• ULE technology (MU Metal Sheilding)
• Frequency range: 6-42.000 Hz
• Driver: 40mm tri-bass-tube titanium-plated Mylar drivers
• Magnet: NdFeb
• Sound pressure level: 96dB
• Weight (exclu. cord): 260g
• USC cord with a 3.5 gold-plated plug (OFC Cable – length 1.2m)
• USC Extension cable with 3.5mm gold plated plugs (OFC Cable – length 4m)
• Comes with a 3.5/6.3mm gold-plated adapter
• 3 Year Warranty

(Via Edition Headphones)

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