Luxury Gemstone Mosaics

Have you got an idol that you`d like to invest up to 10m in?

A new company called Gemstone Creative offers to produces beautiful and contemporary works of precious gemstone mosaic artwork for discerning clientele on a bespoke commission basis.


Whether it`s Jay Z or Marilyn Monroe, no task is too small for this industrious company who create mosaics with precious stones as centrepieces. You choose your design and the stones you want to include and they do the rest. The company already has interest from Harrods, Quintessentially, Gift Library, and Bokks but to name a few.

They work with some of the top mosaic artists and can create their pieces using a variety of mediums from Swarovski crystals on perspex to diamonds and sapphires set in 18ct. Amongst other portraits, one of their highly acclaimed artists has created a 60 x 60cm portrait of Jay-Z using 22,500 black and white Swarovski crystals which has become quite the conversation piece.

Price point architecture ranges from £3k – £30k for Swarovski, £250k – £2m for Sapphires and from £800k – £10m for Diamonds.


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