Stuart Phillips £20,000 Haircut

Stuart Phillips is a man in demand! He`s a London hair stylist whose order book is filled by wives of Oligarchs who pay up to £20,000 a cut… well in fairness it`s a little more than just a cut! His salon is based in London`s Covent Garden and he originally gained recognition in the industry after making the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2007 for the most expensive haircut at £8,000. He has now smashed this record… and continues to do so on a regular basis, offering his clients his undivided attention, bodyguards, a private chef, dog walkers, interpreters, special scents put through the ventilation system and obviously the finest products. Believe it or not, demand has actually gone up in the recession. image
If you`re up for blowing £20,000 on a haircut then he`ll even give your friend a discount and charge them just £8,000 for the same treatment – now that`s what I call a great deal! His breakthrough came when Russian Vogue featured him and he quickly built a reputation amongst the Russian elite.

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