Luxury Champagnes From Vanquish Wine

It comes as no surprise that Vanquish Wine are now distributing the spectacularly expensive Angel Champagne.

Angel Champagne fits perfectly into Vanquish Wine`s luxury drinks portfolio.

The ultra exclusive Angel champagne will now be available throughout the UK and will be available at the top London nightclubs and restaurants that Vanquish distribute to.

Stefano Zagni, 50, is the founder of Angel Champagne, one of the most expensive brands on the market, whose first 24 bottles were sold as a collector’s item for £250,000.

To justify this price, the bottle is platinum finished with mounted diamonds! Luxury Champagnes do not get any better than this.

A `Standard` bottle of Angel Champagne costs £840 – but, there is nothing `standard` about Angel Champagne.


Angel Champagne has a limited annual production so its exclusivity is assured, making it a very special bottle of bubbly.

Angel Champagne is a statement. Even if you are not educated in the finer things in life, You may choose Angel Champagne to compensate, to heighten your bling.

Angel Champagne has been blended and cellared in Reims, France. Only now can this ultimate luxury, beautifully presented in stunningly designed bottles, be made available to the most discerning of individuals.

“Angel has emerged as one of the most innovative and original Champagne brands.`

I mentioned Vanquish Wine`s luxury drinks portfolio. Amongst the premium drinks available are including La Maison Fontaine (absinthe), Bloom Gin, St Nicholas Abbey Rum, Cháteau d`Esclans wine, their house champagne and Berkley Square Gin.

Impressed? You should be!

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