British Luxury Ammique Beds.

Ammique may not yet be a household name for beds but there`s good reason for this – they are extremely exclusive. These uber luxury beds can actually cost up to £50,000 with optional extras such as, headboards, decorative accessories, additional modules and any lighting and audio systems.

The Ammique branded technology is the starting point here… the beds offer consistent body support and therefore comfort, superb hygiene and airflow resulting in improved sleep performance based on solid scientific research.


The mattresses have three padded layers (Ammique Coversofts) which are all removable and washable at 60 degrees so no more sharing with the uninvited guests that take up residence to enjoy the 87 litres of body fluid per annum!

Prices for the SuperKing with 10 modules as standard and simple Maple slot-in side & end panelling starts at £13,950 and £17,500 respectively. The price for the Ammique Bed as featured in this article – i.e. with full upholstered side & end panelling (excluding headboard and decorative bedding) for Ammique 7800 (King) Bed and Ammique-9800 (SuperKing) would be £16,033 and £18,975 respectively.

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