Trion:z Mag-Titan Diamond Tiamo

Trion:Z are a brand best known witin the sporting fraternity as a producer of powerful magnetic bracelets said to provide competitive edge through improving the body`s natural balance ability.

Adored by sporting legends such as England`s own current Ashes team as well as numerous champion golfers, runners, football and rugby stars (to name but a few sports), the brand are clearly a winner with people wanting to perform at their very best.

The Mag-Titan Diamond Tiamo bracelet is the world’s most luxurious magnetic bracelets and contains five 0.05 carat diamonds inlayed into a band of 14-carat white gold and is attached by a crocodile leather strap.


Combining the power of 4 ferrite magnets set in within a patented ANSPO orientation, the Mag-Titan ‘Diamond’ Tiamo is not only one of the most powerful magnetic bracelets on the market, but it also looks rather good too!

It costs £3,995 and is available in Brown & Beige colours.

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