World`s Best Music System – BeoSound 5 Encore

A contender for the World`s best music system, Bang & Olufsen`s BeoSound 5 Encore is every music fans dream machine.

It looks great and when played out through a Bang & Olufsen speaker system sounds great too,but offers so much more.


Available connection to 13,000 internet radio stations and the option to instantly index and access your digital music collection from any USB, wireless handheld device, hard disc or computer all stack up to make this a winning product.

But again, there`s more. And this is the interesting part!

Using Bang & Olufsen`s patented MOTs algorithm, the BeoSound 5 Encore can automatically generate playlists based on the selection of a single track.

Based on your track selection, the BeoSound 5 Encore analyses every track on your device to automatically select music with a similar musical signature, so you can effortlessly generate playlists to set the mood, whether you`re heading out on the town or hosting an intimate dinner party.

For me, this is the major USP of the product, although it does look very sexy too. But the ability to create a playlists from one song is just a very clever idea.

World`s Best Music System? It`s up there.

Check out the video of the BeoSound 5 Encore HERE.

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