Top Perfumes for Women and Men With Clive Christian

Clive Christian is famed for British Luxury Design, specialising in bespoke furniture, leathers and silks. They also produce the world’s most expensive fragrance which represents the absolute pinnacle of luxury perfumes.

Clive Christian `C` Perfumes for a man and for a woman are the first new releases for ten years. These two scents have been produced to differ and yet complement each other at the same time.


Clive Christian “C”
The ladies perfume is brimming with voluptuous and dangerous pleasure, with hits of violet and rose. This creamy and soft, oriental inspired scent also has plenty of subtle notes, in the form of ylang ylang, leather, orange flower and sandalwood. Perfectly feminine and with plenty of excitement.

The Men`s fragrance has that same Oriental base, but differs with tones of leather and wood to give a dominant and seductive feel. The powerful mix is made up with hints and flavours of jasmine, cardamon, saffron, cedarwood and tobacco.

For Luxury Perfume UK. Clive Christian `C` Perfumes 50ml Perfume Spray costs £195 and are available exclusively at Fortnum & Mason and Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods.

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