The Pure Package Review

The Pure Package is a premium, food delivery delivery service based in London. Their angle is to deliver a complete days eating programme of healthy and nutritionally balanced food. I have to admit that images of bland, tasteless meals were conjured up in my mind. However, and to my great surprise, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The whole experience was a complete delight.


It began with a pleasant phone call from Zoe at Pure Package who asked me a series of questions about my diet, weight, height, intolerances etc. As a thirty year old with a worryingly expanding girth, I probably underestimated a little on the weight – ok a lot and my diet probably sounded almost utopian. However, Zoe patiently stayed with me and probably new that this wasn’t the honed athlete I had led her to believe! Nonetheless, I was assured that a cooler bag full of highly nutritious goodies would arrive on my doorstep at 6am the following Wednesday. I waited with great anticipation. Could a service used by such luminaries as Hugh Jackman AKA Wolverine no less and Patsy Kensit, be as good as the billing.

As good as their word, my Pure Package Cooler bag arrived on Wednesday morning. The poor soul who delivers these exquisite packages across London must have a wholly nocturnal existence!

My menu for that day comprised the following:

(My comments on each component are in italics)


Fresh Melon, Blackberries, Natural Yoghurt and Granola Muesli


Delicious and surprisingly filling. As a result, I now regularly have granola and yoghurt for breakfast as opposed to my usual toast and jam.

Mid morning snack

Grapes and sunflower seeds

A pleasant mid morning snack, that helped me get through until lunch.


Crab, Chilli & Rocket Salad

For someone who loves fresh crab, this was a real treat. Absolutely delicious.

Mid Afternoon Snack

Red Pepper and Cucumber Salsa

A nice low cal afternoon snack.


Phad Thai with tiger prawns served in garlic and tamari dressing, bok choy and bean sprouts.

This was the highlight for me. Phad Thai is easy to get wrong but this was just perfect. Not a morsel was left on my plate.


My congratulations have to go to Jenny Irvine (founder of Pure Package) who has shrewdly spotted and filled a niche for fresh and healthy convenience meals. Although, I think the Pure Package should really be named the Pure Luxury Package as the quality of the food and service is quite simply exemplary.

For those with concerns over genetically modified food, organic ingredients, how the menus are put together etc, Pure Package say:

“Meat is all free range and many of the ingredients are organic – never genetically modified – reflecting Pure Package`s belief that the provenance of food is just as important as its taste.

Based on the principles of the Perfectly Balanced Diet, Pure Package is the ultimate gourmet convenience: stylishly presented, tasty, nutritionally balanced food that helps you feel healthier and in better shape, with very little effort or willpower required.

After a detailed telephone consultation, the Pure Package team of chefs, nutritionists and dietary therapists develops a tailored food programme according to each individual`s needs – whether to help shift a few pounds, increase energy, prepare for the beach or just pep up a natural glow for the summer.”

If you are based in London and are interested in signing up, I would recommend a full package (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) programme for a minimum of 10 days which costs £36.95 per day. Preferably, you might want to consider a long term nutritional programme of 30 days or 90 days which cost £32.95 and £29.95 per day respectively – in my view, these longer term programmes would provide more sustainable benefits.

For more information take a look at the Pure Package web site or give them a call on 08456 123 888.

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