Our favourite male grooming products Summer 2023

Without further ado, check these incredible male grooming products out that we’ve recently discovered.

Dr. Jackson’s face & eye toner

Nothing gives me a better feeling than looking in the mirror and seeing bright and smooth skin. Especially for men, looked-after skin is overlooked and sometimes frowned upon. Dull and tired skin is something everyone suffers with, and Dr. Jackson’s has provided us with the ultimate fix.

A brand who focuses solely on the refinement of natural ingredients to give your body the healthiest and freshest treatment, Dr Jackson’s has been building a line of products perfect for creating the ultimate skin.

First impressions matter, and Dr. Jackson’s certainly understands this. The Face and Eye Toner comes in a sleek, minimalist jar in a box just big enough to fit its contents, conscious of wasted packaging. Also inside the box you’ll find an application spatula and a leaflet with all the information you need on the product.

One of Dr. Jackson’s major selling features in their products and this one especially is their commitment to using entirely natural ingredients. The Face and Eye Toner is no exception, boasting a carefully curated blend of botanical extracts that cater to the specific needs of men’s skin. Key ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rose Water provide a refreshing and soothing sensation upon application, not to mention the interesting Turkish-delight scent the blend gives off. The product also works for eczema prone skin such as mine, so no need to worry there.

What sets this toner apart is its versatility. Unlike most toners that focus only on the face, Dr. Jackson’s goes further by including ingredients for delicate eye skin. Chamomile and Baobab extracts in the formula reduce puffiness, dark circles, and promote a firmer, more youthful look.

Using Dr. Jackson’s Face and Eye Toner is refreshing. It quickly absorbs without residue, ideal after a shower or for those rushed mornings. After a few weeks using the Face and Eye Toner, my skin’s texture and appearance improved. Dr. Jackson’s Face and Eye Toner is undoubtedly a premium grooming product that lives up to its promises. From its natural ingredients to its impeccable results, this toner sets a new standard for men’s skincare. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or someone looking to elevate your grooming routine, this product is a worthy investment. With Dr. Jackson’s, you’re not just buying a toner; you’re investing in healthier, more radiant skin.

In a world filled with grooming options, Dr. Jackson’s stands as a testament to the power of marrying nature and science to create exceptional products. If you’re seeking a toner that delivers visible results while embodying a commitment to quality, Dr. Jackson’s Face and Eye Toner should undoubtedly be the first thing you reach for.

Dr Jackson Skincare £60

Thameen Insignia

Certainly, no man’s grooming regimen can be considered complete without the inclusion of a premium fragrance. Allow us to introduce you to Thameen’s Insignia, A new addition from the well-established and highly reputable niche fragrance brand from London.

Top Notes: Whiskey, Fig & Bitter orange

Middle notes: Bay leaf, Geranium & Damask Rose

Base notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver & Suede.

Thameen’s consistent ability to impress has truly been exemplified with the introduction of Insignia, and I promise you, they have not faltered on this one. This scent truly embodies the brand’s respected image, clearly seen in the careful craftsmanship put into creating it from Alexandra Carlin. From the gorgeously minimal yet descriptive packaging to the fragrance itself, there is an unmistakable sense of passion and luxury in this product, something you’d find difficult to get elsewhere.

The first impression with the product is made through a visually striking navy blue packaging, embodying the royal inspiration from which the brand derives its influence for this creation. Upon unveiling, the intricate detailing of Insignia becomes evident, with a descriptive blurb within a book-shaped box, providing an interesting read into background to the product.

The fragrance itself is an entirely surreal experience, boasting an exquisitely sophisticated yet expertly balanced aroma that tantalizes the senses. A fusion of scents sourced globally and meticulously refined in the UK yields a warm yet spicy profile, suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Incorporating this fragrance into my daily routine has not only gotten me compliments but has also heightened my personal sense of presentation. The longevity of the fragrance is equally noteworthy, as it is with any fragrance. I found that it remained at a steadfast strength throughout the day, even through demanding work and physical activities giving it another reason why it deserves a spot on the list.

Undoubtedly, Thameen Insignia rightfully claims its place in the hall of luxury grooming products for men. It embodies the quintessence of what one expects from a premium fragrance. It’s meticulous blend of ingredients caters to the refined preferences of discerning gentlemen, making it a truly valuable investment for those seeking to boost their grooming regimen with an touch of quality. In the realm of luxury fragrances, Thameen Insignia confidently takes center stage. For those who aspire to stand out, Thameen Insignia, alongside their diverse selection of other fragrances, stands as an essential asset in your routines. Whether its for an important interview or a social event, this fragrance proves itself to be the ultimate companion.

Selfridges £235

Never Go Alone Renew Hand Cream

Our hands bear the brunt of constant exposure to the elements and frequent washing every single day. The Never Go Alone Hand Cream steps in to combat this issue as an essential addition to your self-care routine. Upon application, its lightweight yet nourishing formula effortlessly absorbs into the skin leaving no greasy residue – a true advantage for those on the go like the cream’s delicate and invigorating scent instantly lifts the mood, turning the application into a sensory treat.

The standout feature of this hand cream is undoubtedly its remarkable moisturizing capability, routing from its natural ingredients like shea butter. The ingredients don’t stop there though, Never Go Alone have packed this product with a range of botanical treats creating an even more natural feel. it works wonders in revitalizing even the most damaged hands. As an avid gym-goer, I find constant issues with dry and cracked skin and throughout testing I have only found good things to say.

A huge note worth making is the tube’s travel-friendly size. It fits effortlessly into any bag, ensuring quick hydration whenever needed. Be it at work, during travel, or simply on the move, I can rely on this hand cream for instant relief.

Furthermore, the brand’s dedication to natural ingredients and sustainability is an incredible motivation to get involved with this product, especially as these things become increasingly important. The knowledge that I’m treating my skin with an effective and environmentally conscious product adds a layer of gratification.

In summary, the Never Go Alone Hand Cream has firmly established itself as a cornerstone in my skincare regimen. Offering effective hydration, an enchanting scent, and easy portability, it stands as the ultimate partner in maintaining soft, nourished hands prepared to conquer the day. Bid farewell to dry, rough hands – the Never Go Alone Hand Cream ensures your hands stay at their best, no matter what challenges come your way.

Never Go Alone £20

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