Top 10 Richest Football Players

We took a look at Football`s Richest Soccer Players last year.

This year, France Magazine has compiled a top 10 soccer player rich list based on annual income, which is topped by none other than David Beckham.


The full top 10 list is set out below:

1. David Beckham £24.7m ($49.4m)

2. Ronaldinho £19.2m ($38.4m)

3. Lionel Messi £18.3m ($36.6m)

4. Cristiano Ronaldo £15.5m ($31m)

5. Thierry Henry £13.4m ($26.8)

6. John terry £11.08 ($22.16m)

7. Michael Ballack £11 ($22m)

8. Ronaldo £10.6m ($21.2m)

9. Kaka £10.2m ($20.4m)

10. Steven Gerrard £10m ($20m)

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