The World`s most exclusive online member`s club.

The brainchild of London socialite Arya Marafie, The Diamond Lounge is fast becoming THE online members club to join. Accepting just 25% of applications after thorough searches the Diamond Lounge is causing a frenzy amongst the rich and successful as applications to become a member are in high demand.


Members are typically CEOs, celebs and high net worth individuals who want to meet and socialise with people with similar interests and wealth.

Arya Marafie said: “Diamond Lounge is filling a huge gap in the market for people at the top of their game who want to meet similar people. We’re getting a huge number of application enquiries every day from all around the world. People are going crazy for it.

“This is not like any other online club where just anybody can get in. It’s for the absolute creme de la creme.”

The site itself is technically sophisticated, easy to use and totally interactive. Members can quickly and easily communicate with others though IM, live email and even full-screen video conferencing.

There are strict privacy controls that ensure efficient interactions and there’s even an invitation-only VIP room for those that require that extra level of privacy.

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