Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam Reviewed

Dash cams are booming! The ability to record journeys for self-protection and to solidify insurance claims has appealed to motorists nationwide. The sense of security they provide has been a powerful draw for many across the nation. Nextbase are market leaders in this growing technology and they have just the device to keep you safe on the roads… introducing the high performance 412GW Dash Cam.

Stunning image quality and additional features keep your insurance claims safe

When it comes to image and video quality, the slender Nextbase iN-CAR CAM™ 412GW is right at the top of the class. This dash cam shoots QUAD HD 1440p footage, delivering superb image quality at standard 30 frames per second. You can also film at FULL HD at a rate of 60 frames per second.

But that’s not all, the 412GW uses a six-element lense to give the best clarity possible. For us, the sharpness of the video and the clarity of the content sets this device above others in the prize range.



One other element the 412GW shines in is the wide 140° viewing angle, thereby giving the camera a complete view of the road from pavement to pavement. The combination of this wide angle view and the quality of the video mean that you can rely on the camera to stand up as insurance evidence, should it be required!

Fortunately, there are also a duo of additional features to ensure your video footage has even more credibility. The first is built-in GPS, which allows you to check journey location, a key element in proving insurance claims.

Secondly, G-sensors track unusual movements in your car, such as the impact of a crash. The device stores this data securely and safely, ready for you to submit to the authorities if necessary.

All of this crucial data can then be transferred with ease, as the device is fitted with built in Wi-Fi for immediate image processing.

Easy to install and mount

Another great aspect to the Nextbase 412GW is the ease of installation and mounting for simple day-to-day use. This model features the brand’s Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount, allowing the camera to be free from wires on the go. The 412GW can simply click on and off the mount, with the device starting automatically. With the package, you receive a 12v power cable and window mount, plus there is an inbuilt battery with up to 30-minute backup in the event of an accident.

Slick & Smart Interface

We’ve talked a lot about the clarity of the video, but where a lot of dash cams come unstuck is the viewing of content on the cam screen itself. Dash cam screens are usually poor in their portrayal of the footage. Nextbase have this covered too, thanks to an ultra-clear 3” LED screen, which makes viewing content a doddle. Similarly, the screen provides and intuitive touch menu for easy navigation, perusal of speeds and location verification.

In case you were wondering, the Nextbase 412GW supports SDHC and SDXC Micro SD cards up to 32GB (class 10 recommended). You can buy the Nextbase 412GW for £129.99 here.

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