The ultimate premium olive oil

/lambda/ is the ultimate in quality extravirgin olive oil. Referred to by critics as the `Rolls Royce` of olive oils, this product hits the shops this summer.


Produced with the finest Koroneiki olives from the award-winning Kritsa region of Greece, /lambda/ impresses with its superior taste. /lambda/ is created through the unique process of common pressing, where carefully selected olives are hand-picked from the tree and pressed the very same day. This method of pressing ensures that the olives are turned to oil within a maximum of 8-10 hours after picking, giving the oil an unrivalled fresh and intensely fruity taste.

/lambda/ has one of the lowest levels of acidity with a maximum of 0.3° (this year`s production is as low as 0.19°), giving it a tender flavour restricted only to the highest quality extra virgin olive oils. The cold extraction of the oil lends itself to a superior flavour which along with the unfiltered nature of /lambda/ produces a flavoursome olive oil with medium peppery notes.

The unfiltered nature of /lambda/ results in the conservation of a wide range of phytonutrients, including Vitamin E, pigments (chlorophylls and carotenoids), polyphenols and other powerful natural antioxidants.


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