The Trixter XDream – An Exercise Bike With No Comparison

How many of us have an exercise bike somewhere, gathering dust, probably never made it over 50 miles despite the best of intentions?

Forget that Bike, this is something on a completely different level! The Trixter Xdream is a marvel of modern technology, engineering and (just what exercise really needs) Fun.

The only Exercise Bike in the world to use patented laterally moving X-Bar handlebars to accurately simulate the action of cycling outdoors. The extra movement that this demands will help burn off up to 55% more calories than a normal exercise bike. More importantly, this extra movement takes exercise bikes to another dimension. It’s not pedal, pedal, sweat, pedal. More Pedal, steer, pedal, steer, sweat buckets.

The fact you are in total command of your bike paired up with the latest computer programming gives you a Virtual, yet true, sensation of mountain biking. You can choose from over 400 different tracks and race with your on screen competitors.

Watch yourself, on the screen above the handlebars, trek through arid desert or densely forested highlands. Engaging Exercise, this is the way forward.

The Xdream is one of the most technologically advanced indoor bikes available to consumers and is the first fitness product to successfully integrate accurate real-life simulation, total body cardiovascular conditioning and a motivational personalised training programme.

The Trixter Xdream retails at £5,999 and is available from The Xdream bikes are now also available to use in Virgin Active and David LLoyd gyms nationwide.

The UCI, the world governing body of cycling, has stated that in producing the Xdream, The manufacturers Trixter have created a new indoor sport. High praise, most deserved.

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