The Best Vacuum Cleaner Ever?

The humble hoover, every home has one. There is nothing more frustrating than a hoover that doesn’t collect what it should. Continuously going over the same area in the hope that it will eventually suck up that crumb…

But what about the bit’s you cant see? What about the dust?

When it comes to the best vacuum cleaner ever, The Rainbow Cleaning System takes dust very seriously indeed. Using water to collect the dust, rather than a standard bag, the dust collection is a whole lot more effective. Treatments of Asthma that do not require medication do not come much better than this.


Dust mites, according to Global Healing Centre, excrete an average of 20 droppings of waste each day. Many people are highly allergic to these droppings, and scientists are beginning to correlate dust mites to asthma , as well as other allergic symptoms.

So with Rainbow’s vacuum cleaner, you get everything that you would expect from a traditional cleaner, but you also get total peace of mind with a long term Asthma remedy.

That’s why (as an Asthma sufferer) I rate the Rainbow cleaning system as the best vacuum cleaner ever.

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