Cicchetti, Piccadilly – Review

San Carlo Cicchetti (pron: chi-KET-tee, according to the website!) is a chic, elegant and fantastically authentic Italian all-day dining. The restaurant exudes a sense of freshness and vibrancy as soon and you walk through the door, it really does. We were lucky enough to be treated to their brunch menu at the Piccadilly Cicchetti and what a great start to a Summer`s Day it was.


Aesthetically wonderful, there is a certain sophistication and suaeveness about the restaurant which we loved. A series of vibrant, yet not garish, light colours matched perfectly to an ensemble of light grey Italian marble. According to the Group, `San Carlo Cicchetti reinterprets the delightful Venetian culinary custom of Cicchetti` and we found the setting to do so in abundance. The style of cuisine is also typically venetian with small plate dishes to share or eat alone, enjoyed with a beer or glass of wine. The restaurant also claims to provide only the freshest and best seasonal ingredients sourced from markets in Milan.

In short, there was a real air of Italian providence here and we felt transported from the hustle and bustle of London to sophisticated Italy.

Not one who shies away from small portions, I went for the modestly titled `The GREAT CICCHETTI BREAKFAST` and I was not disappointed when it arrived, it was very generous in size, to say the least. With eggs of your choice, you are treated to cacophony of wonderfully hearty and fresh food. From Streaky Bacon, to two Lancashire Farm Pork and Leek Sausages, Sauteed Mushrooms with Onions, a Hash Brown, Tomato and delicious Bury Black Pudding. It may sound like a lot of food, and it was; however, it wasn`t too overwhelming and still had a good amount of elegance to boot. My poached eggs were cooked to perfection – beautiful.


My partner went for Pancakes with a Strawberry and cream finish. The strawberries were perfectly sweet and made for a fresh blast against the more indulgent, yet light pancakes. All of this went perfectly with freshly squeezed orange juice (which was divine by the way) and a traditional double espresso.

For us, this was the perfect way to start the day in London. The breakfast menu was just a taster for us and was also reasonably priced. But we feel, from the menu we glimpsed and also the setting, that this place really comes alive at night and would be a wonderful destination for any meal. We hope to test out this theory in the near future.

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