The OTTO – a fan like no other

Under the guidance of Renowned Swiss Designer Carlo Borer, Swizz Style present a fan that has not only stunning looks, but also stunning performance. The Otto is a very special fan.


Fashioned from quartered sapele (a large deciduous tropical tree native to Africa), steam formed to create the splendid shape of the Otto. In terms of appearance, the wood has a lot in common with mahogany. This durable and clearly pliable wood is then oiled twice for a high quality matte finish – the end result being this eye pleasing fan. High grade steel balances the natural form of the sapele wood with modern contemporary style.

The industrial strength fan will produce a gentle, calming breeze or an impressive blast, a massive gust of cool air when you need it most. It has been described as `whisper quiet` or even `very silent` – it`s not loud!

This is not just a fan though. The general appearance means this is a functional piece of furniture. A domestic appliance that looks great, you will not want to store it away when the leaves start falling.

Another staggering fact about this stylish, high performing fan is the price. are retailing at only £169.95.

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