Kick some serious ass with the Paintball Panza!

Want to impress your mates on the paintball stag do – or just wipe everyone out firing 15 balls a second? Well you need to get a Paintball Panza then.

These bad boys may set you back £8,000 (no paintballs included) but must be serious fun. They hold a single occupant and take up to 3 months to build to your spec and comes with an integral roll cage – though you’d need to tip thing over 60 degrees to roll it – as well as an engine fire-wall.


• A seriously cool, one person track laying vehicle.
• The dream child of an ex-military tech director.
• A team of engineers and designers will build your Paintball Panzer to order.
• A glass reinforced plastic (GRP) chassis.
• An engine firewall.
• A fully integrated, ready-to-fire paintballing gun.
• A rollover bar.
• A roll cage.
• Choose from six colours for your mean machine.
• Can be driven on UK roads further to meeting DVLA regulations.
• Please allow three months from ordering to receipt of your tank.
• Suitable for ages 15 years+.
• Size: 106 x 122 x 183cm.

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