The sound of the future

The EP610 in-ear headphones are the perfect accompaniment for any active person. I had the pleasure of testing the lightweight wireless Bluetooth headphones in my local gym over the course of a week and they will become a permanent feature in my gym routine.

The sound of the future

The headphones are lightweight and non intrusive; however the main benefit for me was their Bluetooth capabilities. Previously in the gym, I would frequently snag my earbud wire on my hand or a piece of equipment and either pull the earbuds straight out, or alternatively knock my phone off the machine – neither option was ideal! It was therefore a great pleasure using the EP610 earbuds and my gym sessions have significantly been improved!

The nitty gritty – EP610 earbuds come in 3 size with stabilisers (the stabilisers prevent the earbuds falling out of your ear if you are doing a strenuous activity such as sprinting!) which suits a variety of different ear sizes; these attachments simply click on and off. The earbuds offer exceptional battery life which is unusual for Bluetooth earbuds that customarily only last for a couple of hours; in comparison I was able to use the earbuds for at least 4 gym sessions – I prefer listening to louder music, I imagine if I listened to music at a lower volume the battery would last even longer!

The sound of the future

The sound quality is impressive considering the size and due to the stabilisers and secure in-ear fit; outside noise is diminished.

Another great characteristic of the earbuds is hands free calling. With on-ear controls, you can answer calls, hang up and take that call without having to find your phone. The quality was surprisingly good considering the microphone is not directly in front of your mouth.

The sound of the future

However, I had noticed one issue which I believe faces all Bluetooth earbuds/headphones and that is distance for use. If my phone was too far away, or hidden behind an object the sound sometimes cut out; but as I said before, I think this is an issue that plagues all Bluetooth earbuds!

All in all, a great pair of earbuds for the active user that I will continue to use!

The August International Bluetooth Wireless Earphones (EP610) have a UK Retail of £27.45 and are currently available from (0845 2939358)

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