The Gore Hotel, London Review

Situated just around the corner from the Royal Albert Hall lies the famous Gore Hotel. Otherwise known as 190 Queensgate it does what London does best: a refuge for visiting tourists and a popular haunt for locals.

The Gore boasts 50 bedrooms, an elegant dining room and a sexy cocktail bar. In recognition to it`s grand neighbours interior is a regal and decorative affair: antique furnishings litter the hotel foyer while the walls are crowded with faded tapestries, charming watercolours and rich oil paintings. I had to be careful when climbing the narrow staircase not to knock anything off the walls- so perhaps go easy on the cocktails before heading up to bed.

And what beds! The antique theme continues into the rooms themselves, each one with a different personality. You could sleep in a gilded Judy Garland bed (apparently she was a past regular) or reside in the chic Dame Nellie and admire its leopard print chairs. I was lucky enough to be shown the hotel`s pride and joy: The Tudor Room. It felt as though I`d stepped back into the sixteenth century! Dark wooden panels lined the walls while a minstrel`s galley overlooked a huge four-poster bed and enormous stone fireplace. Anne Boleyn herself would have felt quite at home sitting by the fire protected from a winters evening by richly coloured stained glass windows. Perhaps best of all was the bathroom tucked away behind a secret panel. A stunning copper clad shower and roll top bath offered the best of both old and new. It came as no surprise to learn the Tudor room is also a favourite film location and retreat for celebrities.


Although not stopping for an evening meal I managed to sneak a peek into the hotel`s elegant bistro. Despite it being January there was not a single table free, testament itself to the restaurant`s quality and service. Back across the foyer sits the separate bar area. A dark and glittery interior makes it the perfect place to spend time with friends after work or escape after a hard day shopping in Knightsbridge. I sank back into one of the soft leather sofas whilst my companion examined the tapas menu and promptly ordered most of it! The staffs were fantastic and quickly brought out delicious little plates of spicy potatoes bravas, gambas pil pil, Spanish tortilla and juicy olives- all of which did more than stave off the hunger pangs. And you will need here to eat as fizz flows all evening. The barman Albert is a master mixologist and keeps his customers more than happy with an extensive cocktail list. I felt quite decadent sipping champagne cocktails surrounded by a smartly dressed and fashionable crowd.

But if it`s a really intimate evening you`re after you might want to secure a booking in Cinderella`s carriage. Hidden away at the back of the room behind a velvet rope you can have your own private area that according to Albert has been home to more than one romantic proposal.

I won`t be waiting for a celebration as an excuse to head back the Gore, its charming staff and eccentric character did the trick – although I`m not sure quite what the Tudors thought of mojitos!!


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