Is the Oral B Genius the most advanced toothbrush in the world?

Oral-B have launched what may just be the most technologically advanced toothbrush out there. Retailing at around £300, this toothbrush has a high-end price tag and oodles of top tech to match. Find out what

 Personalised brushing using an app 

The Oral B Genius boasts being the most advanced brushing system to date. Utilising Protection Detection Technology the cutting edge toothbrush users sensor technology and your smartphone camera to track the toothbrush across your mouth. That means no missing areas and instant feedback as to how you are progressing. Simply download the Oral-B App (available on Google Play and iTunes) to enhance your brushing experience at the touch of a button. The kit comes with a smartphone holder too, so you can place you smartphone facing you on your mirror and ensure you make the most of the guidance from the app.

The result of this astounding technology is the best, professional results everyday. Wave good bye to tooth decay and tooth loss! But the app and the UPD technology isn’t the only benefit of this toothbrush, it also comes with a two minute timer, a pressure sensor to see if you are using too much pressure while brushing  and there is a range of heads to select from too.

Super white results

The toothbrush is built with a superb pedigree of technology behind it and the best in dental care. The Oral-B Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Technology and the unique round brush head means improved oral health and a superior dentist-worthy clean.

But that’s not all, there is also a raft more intelligent tech under the hood of the Oral B 9000

The 9000 comes with stylish smart travel case which charges both the brush and a USB device, such as a smartphone. This portability is pretty impressive. We have seen toothbrush cases that charge the toothbrush, but not one with an out for charging other devices on the go. Genius.

Another thing to note is the battery life of the toothbrush itself. The on-board lithium ion battery promises two weeks of brushing between charges. Considering there are two of us in our house, the 1 week we got out of the battery does seem to tally with the brand’s claims.

Plus, the SmartRing tech, gives a personalised multi-color 360° lighting system to your toothbrush and  features 12 different coloured lights that allow users to customise their brushes via the Oral-B App, making brushing experiences more enjoyable and unique to you.

Oral-B GENIUS 9000 electric toothbrush [RRP £280] is available in white or black with stylish, smart travel case charges both the brush and a USB device, such as a smartphone, with a single plug. Find out more here

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