The Flip Mino Review

The Flip Mino is one of those gadget`s that you just know is gonna be hot this Christmas… if you love your boy`s toys and gadgets then this is well worth a look in.


Weighing just 3 ounces it`s an extremely high quality, easy to use video recorder that sits in the palm of your hand. We`ve been lucky enough to play around with a sample here and can`t put it down.

A key advantage to the Flip Mino is that it has a very useful built in USB key, which allows you to simply plug it into your computer or lap top and upload your home movies to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube (suitable for Mac & PC). Also, the controls on the back couldn`t be simpler, you have a 2 x zoom feature, record button and the playback is a cinch. This is definitely designed for practicality and anyone challenged by technophobia!

Once you download your videos to your computer, you can very simply edit them using the Flip Video Program Features.

It takes standard AA batteries that on average give you 4 hours of recording time. There`s a whopping 2 GB of on board flash memory which allows you to capture 60 mins of footage.

Finally, if you`re still not convinced enough to go out and buy one… it`s just £119.99 making it one of the best value for money video cameras on the market.

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