Great Fosters Hotel – A must visit for 2014

Without a doubt, Great Fosters is one of the most picturesque and charming hotels we have had the pleasure of visiting here at Lussorian. This stunning Grade One listed building can be found in 50 acres of gorgeous surrey parkland and would make the perfect spot for a romantic getaway this Valentine`s day or at any point when the moment takes you. Keep an eye out below for images of the gardens at Great Fosters below – they are simply sublime.



Great Fosters is a cornucopia of historical references, details and artefacts. With more than 400 years of heritage, the hotel seems to have been originally built as a royal hunting lodge in 1550. But now, in 2014, the hotel is a luxurious, 34 bedroom hotel with Jacobean fireplaces, a rare oak well staircase, authentic tapestries and moulded ceilings.

Our visit saw us stay in the spacious and `tardis` like Nursery suite. For us, the nursery suite epitomised Great Fosters as a whole – it felt like a true step back into luxury of the past, rather than luxury of the present. We really revelled in the charm of such a historic setting and it provided a very memorable and relaxing break from the daily grind. There was also a huge wealth of space and antique furniture in keeping with the period, just to add an extra element of elegance to the room. The bedroom has a king size bed and a separate large sitting room with a comfortable seating area, dining table and workspace. The Nursery can also accommodate two children sleeping in the sitting room on fold out beds. Other historic rooms of note include `The Tapestry` famed for the early 17th century Flemish tapestries and `The Italian` (pictured below), filled with rich with gilt Italianate furniture and damask-draped walls and features quattrocento doors adorned with delicate plasterwork and painted panels. In short, there is a real attention to detail at Great Fosters throughout, therefore making for a very unique experience.


Dining in the Tudor Room

Let me tell you from the off, if you visit the Tudor Room at Great Fosters you should expect wonderful service, the highest attention to detail and excellent levels of service and hospitality, as this is exactly what we encountered on our stay. The dedicated Tudor Room team is on hand to provide a top class level of service that you would expect of such a setting. Continuing the historic theme of the hotel, the Tudor Room is an opulent and elegant space decorated with silk lined walls and seventeenth century ornate tapestries. A wonderful setting for a tasting menu I hear you cry?


The 8 course tasting menu at Great Fosters is a wonderful exploration of culinary craftsmanship and artistry. Plus, for an extra cost of £45 per head, you can also experience The Tudor Room`s wine flight experience. Each wine promised to marry well with each dish of the 8 course menu and we have to say it was a real success. The providence of each wine is explained in depth and we felt the staff were able to expertly answer any question that we may have. We also felt the each wine selected was thoroughly thought out and the extra cost here was more than fair.

One of the most unique and successful dishes was the Cannelloni of pig`s ear and Chorizo, root vegetables, Cornish scallop and tomato fondue. The marriage of the chorizo and pigs ear was inspired and works perfectly with the delicate nature of the scallop. The balance in this dish carries throughout the entirety of the eight course taster menu and oozed craftsmanship.

The cheese selection presented in the Tudor Room is also a real treat with 12 of the finest cheeses from around the globe presented in order of strength. Whether you are a Tommie de Savoie fan or looking for something with a little more oomph, such as Epoisses, you are in for a fantastic treat. All of this can be had for a very reasonable £75 per person and £45 extra per person for the `Flight of Wines`. If you are looking for something a little lighter, there is a 4 course tasting menu available for £60 per person. Following our meal we were created by the chef and his passion for quality, top end ingredients and attention to detail came across in bundles. This meal was another memorable experience at Great Fosters. To make a reservation please call 01784 433822.

We have also been informed that The Cocktail Bar, Drawing Room and Terrace, which overlooks the estate, serve some of the most delicious light lunches and afternoon tea in Surrey.

We really found Great Fosters to tick all the boxes (and more) for a top, luxury, romantic getaway and you can book your visit here today:

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