The Cuckoo Club – Review

The Cuckoo Club is a swanky, secretive and hard to find spot, just off Regent Street. It is an exclusive club that also serves up some top notch food. Our visit to the Cuckoo Club was a truly enjoyable one, with fantastic music, drinks and service.

The only way of noticing the place is to spot a tiny plaque on the wall and a massive pair of bouncers to boot. This really gave the Cuckoo club a feeling of exclusivity and mystery – an intriguing start to the evening.

Having undergone an extensive redesign by Biba founder and iconic designer Barbara Hulanicki, the club`s look oozes a glamorous rock and roll feel, which is both dark and seductive. We also really enjoyed the great selection of music whilst we ate – brilliant! It is the perfect spot for a hot date, a bite to eat before going clubbing, and on the night we visited, it seemed to be a great spot for a lavish birthday parties. To accompany the beautiful look of the place, we were greeted by the most beautiful staff I have ever known, and that goes for both men and women. To be honest, we were in danger of developing an inferiority complex!


The Drinks

The vast choice of beverages on offer is more than large enough to cater for anyones needs and desires. We found the cocktails particularly to our taste and the pick of the bunch, in our opinion, was the no education, a refreshing blend of citrus flavours – best part of £15. The wine list was also extensive and catered for all price ranges, it also boasted bottles of champagne reaching tens of thousands of pounds. This is certainly a haven for the sophisticated drinker; however, we weren`t completely convinced by the food.

The Food

The starters were fabulous and, in our opinion, were the highlights of the food menu. In particular, I would recommend the scallops, with a refreshing apple salad, due to its depth of flavour and for the simple fact I wanted more! Another great starter is the oriental duck salad, finished with pomegranate seeds. The portion was hearty, but the flavours were light and rich.


The mains section of the menu is made up of a selection of dishes which are designed for sharing, and this certainly made for a fun and interactive dining experience. The look of each dish was beautiful and the presentation was, on the whole, excellent.

I tried the trio of mini Wagyu burger (£25), we found them a tad dry and a little underwhelming, but, it must be said, they did pack a lot of flavour. Maybe, from such a fabulous cut of meat, I was expecting something spectacular, but they just fell short and I was left a little disappointed.

In contrast to the burgers, the fillet of beef, simply named `Beef`, was beautifully tender, wonderfully cooked, perfect to share and a really love cut (£25). Presented on a rather fashionable piece of slate, the dish was a little picture of perfection, and it tasted so too. Also, I should add, the inventiveness and flavour behind the sides were lacking slightly; the chips seemed nothing more than basic French fries and the wilted spinach was slightly over seasoned.

In short, for me, the food was a mixed bag. However, we only sampled a very small part of the menu and I am sure there are many other excellent dishes to sample.

I would certainly recommend The Cuckoo Club to anyone looking for a sophisticated drinking spot with a great atmosphere and wonderful cocktails, and I would also recommend certain things on the food menu, as some of them were of very high quality.

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