The Cocktail Club at Pikes Ibiza

There’s always one last party to be had in Ibiza before the season comes to a juddering halt, and we definitely found it!

Pikes is renowned for their delicious cocktails and that’s because of Master Mixologist Tanja Mašić (star of Channel Four’s Travel Man 24 Hours in Ibiza). With over 14 years experience of creating sublime cocktail creations, she’s now the superstar cocktail maker in this fabulously eclectic setting. Her cocktails are made with love, a huge amount of passion and so we introduce the one and only Cocktail Club

Master Mixologist Tanja Mašić

We were greeted with the warmest of welcomes and chaperoned to the highest roof top terrace where Tanja was waiting for us in her charming yet rustic abode. With open views all around San Antonio we could see this was the place to be, away from the hustle and bustle on a private terrace ready to indulge in a superb masterclass.

We had an initial chat with Tanja to discuss our favourite spirits, flavours and ingredients, she then threw in some unexpected combination ideas to mix it up (haha!) – we were very intrigued with how she would be able translate our ideas into something incredible to drink. It was harder than expected to come up with something tangible, however gin featured heavily.

We must add at this point that this amazing two hour cocktail masterclass includes four tailor-made cocktails or drink creations followed by two specially designed shots. If you’re a cocktail lover this is the ultimate experience for you, however if you simply like a vodka and tonic then you may as well head down to the local beach bar. Cocktail lovers we are!

Our first cocktail arrived; it was gin based, sweet and smooth with the perfect balance of some absolutely gorgeous ingredients. It even had a garnish of lavender, which added to the taste and smell before you took a sip. My second creation arrived with a stunning garnish of passion fruit, mint and a strawberry – a fruity little number created by Bob, Tanja’s right-hand man on the night. As an enthusiastic sweet cocktail drinker himself I could definitely taste his delight within this modest tumbler. It certainly didn’t disappoint! It was our turn next to take to the bar… I decided to make one of my all times faves – the cosmo, a lipsmackingly sweet-and-sour concoction of vodka, cranberry, orange liqueur and citrus. It’s harder than it looks to make, even pouring out some simple measures spilt and splattered. We giggled, shaked, strained and squeezed but most of all we had such fun! The verdict – definitely more sour than sweet… not quite the right balance for me but I drank my creation nonetheless. We decided to leave it to the experts to come up with the goods for our final little number and it was the best decision ever. It was gin based and had a garnish of thyme which smelt amazing, please don’t ask me what other ingredients featured, but all I know is that I was very satisfied with my tailor-made cocktails which hit the spot perfectly before dancing the night away at their closing party. For cocktail lovers, shakers and groovers – it’s a must-do experience whilst visiting Ibiza in the month of October.

The Cocktail Club experience is €50 per person for a 2 hour session. Don’t miss out, spaces are limited so get booking!

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