Black Stone – The World`s most expensive phone

When it comes to extravagance, no one seems to do it better than Stuart Hughes. World renowned for producing extraordinary phones, tablets and other gadgets, Stuart is the modern day King Midas.

Past materials for Stuart Hughes have included all the precious metals, gems, diamonds (lots) and even dinosaur bone. Yes, dinosaur bone from a mighty T-Rex!

Now, Mr Hughes has surpassed himself, by producing the World`s most expensive phone yet. Take it in, this is the superior `Black Stone`!


The handset is completely handmade and took 9 weeks to complete. The chassis is solid gold inlaid with around 600 white flawless diamonds.

The round home button on this special iPhone is a flawless single deep cut 26 carat black diamond. This black diamond was owned by the Chinese businessman who had commissioned Stuart to produce this phone.

The apple logo on the rear is made from a further 53 diamonds in full gold dressing. In fact the whole phone is around 135 grams of 24ct gold.

The world`s most expensive phone might not be the most practical, yet it is a unique object of beauty -some might even consider this art. Either way, this is a breath-taking phone.

The screen is sapphire glass, because nothing resembling normal would do for such a phone.

You might expect this, the price for the World`s most expensive phone is not normal either. The handset total cost came in at £10 million.

Still very awesome!

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