The Cannes Mouton Cadet Wine Bar

Guest post by Toby Rose
As the stardust settles on another Cannes Film Festival, the Lucky Few will have an extra special memory of the 2013 edition of the worlds biggest annual gathering of cinema talent.

The Mouton Cadet people who supply the finest wine to the most glamorous events at Cannes created the most of exclusive of spaces for the stars. The guest list read like a roll call of the top big screen names from James Franco to Forest Whitaker. ~This special terrace put the Capital A in A list.


Even before hitting the carpets of the sixth floor guests knew they were in for an exclusive offering. The entry point was via the Stage Door or as the French term it: `L`Entree des Artistes`. Unique in the Palais des festivals this was a watering hole reached by its own private lift. No chance of mixing with lesser mortals as you headed to this exclusive bar which had the blue azur skies as a roof.

The official suppliers of Cannes wines has taken their luxury offer a stop further this year with this rooftop setting which offers the finest views with the finest wines. The sixth floor crow`s nest for the grand crus was a big hit with the big hitters at Cannes. And once guests are installed they are transported into a rooftop setting for a relaxing respite from the bustle and stress of the glamorous Cannes Film Festival. The two interior rooms were complimented with a beauty room for a `pamper moment`. But the outdoor bar and terraces are truly the selling point of this chicest of crow`s nests.


The wafting whites canopies give it the feel of a designer den for a 21st century Laurence of Arabia. The layout offers alcoves, bowers, booths and hideaways in which to relax for intimate chats or conduct high-powered business or interviews. From Robert de Niro to Jude Law. From Jean-Paul Belmondo to Bruce Willis. From Faye Dunaway to Jessica Chastain.

This hi-end hideaway is certainly a hit with the stars. “To enjoy a glass of wine, a meal or an interview, it is a bubble of serenity. A perfect break” enthused Oscar winner Adrien Brody

The white decor contrast against the azur sky is at its most dramatic high above the madding Cannes crowd. And the madding crowds would have become even more excitable if they had been able to be a fly on the wall at this most upmarket of wine bars. And not just any wine – Mouton Rothschild.

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