The best silver circular mirror on the web!

Recently I spent some considerable time trying to locate a good quality circular mirror with a silver frame. You might think that would be a fairly straight forward task given the plethora of online retailers around these days. But oh no, this mirror remained completely elusive for months, until by chance a press release from Raines and Willow dropped into my inbox.

Considering Lussorian receives over two hundred press releases a day, it was fortuitous that we spotted the exact high spec mirror I was looking for lurking within a high end boutique retailer such as Raines and Willow. But there it was, perfectly formed and primed for the very reasonable sum of £170. Hand painted with precision silver leaf – this was job done after my long and fruitless search.


Without realising it, I was right on trend with silver as Raines and Willow explain:

“Silver is the new gold! No longer does this beautiful metallic colour represent `second best`, as its popularity in the home has soared this year and is set to continue in 2012. Shiny fabrics and sleek, glossy surfaces have seen a huge increase in demand. This exciting modern trend brings light and a chic style to the room. Due to its versatility, mirrored and silver furniture can be neatly paired with existing styles and colours within the bedroom; creating a fresh new appearance in the home with minimal effort. Luxury bedroom furniture company, Raines & Willow, has a range of stunning smoked glass furniture; the Camille Silver Leaf range. Its reflective and alluring surfaces bring a renewed freshness to the bedroom and a light and airy ambience.”

Other items worth considering at Raines and Willow include this side table and draws with mirror effect surfaces:


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