Nahm, London – Review

There are very few Michelin Starred Thai restaurants in Europe, but Nahm just happens to be one of them and a restaurant that we recently reviewed. Situated in the Halkin Hotel in Halkin Street Street (nearest tube is Hyde Park Corner), Nahm is in a relatively quiet neighbourhood that you`d never know was there unless you were looking hard.

We arrived at the Hotel and enjoyed a couple of delightfully fruity cocktails before moving on to our table. The restaurant has a fantastic ambience about it; the lighting, music, soft furnishings and politeness of the staff makes for a relaxing experience.

We decided to take the tasting menu so as to experience the full complement of acclaimed Australian chef, David Thompson. When you select the tasting menu you have the choice of around 25 dishes, which all arrive at the same time and offer something different in culinary excellence.


The proceedings started with a Nahm Dtok, a grilled beef salad with chillies and rice, followed by the Dtom Yam Gapi (hot and sour soup with clams), followed by Nahm Prik Nuum (trout with lemongrass) followed by Gen Nak Gretdtaa (red curry of quail) and finally… the Sai Bua Pat Bpuu (stir fried crab and pork with lotus shoots). Overall the food was as you’d expect for a Michelin Starred restaurant – excellent. The flavours worked well together and by the end of the night we were extreemly satisfied (stuffed!)

We felt the tasting menu and overall experience incredibly good value and would certainly recommend Nahm to all those seeking Asian culniary excellence in London.


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