Escape busy London life with professional meditation at The LookOut

The idyllic sanctuary which is The LookOut in Hyde Park will be home to meditation expert Andy Puddicombe, creator of Headspace, for 3 events in February, March and April. Headspace is a mindfulness project designed to bring the benefits of meditation to busy, modern professionals.

The LookOut is the perfect space to escape busy London life and is designed with the environment in mind. It provides a light and airy space amongst nature to relax and enjoy your surroundings – perfect for meditation.


Andy will be introducing the art of meditation with a quick start guide with all attendees walking away confident that they know exactly what to do to get some Headspace. There`s no mystery, no jargon and no religion. There`s no role play, no name badges and no group hugging! Best of all, Andy`s teaching is clear, simple and easy to follow.

`He`s open, likable, direct, the kind of man any mother would approvingly call `down to earth`. He glows with health and energy and has an aura of natural charm. He also has two characteristics that distinguish him from most self-styled gurus: he is unaffected and modest, and he is eminently qualified to teach his subject`.` The Times

The events will offer short meditation sessions to introduce attendees to the art of meditation along with offering tips and guidance and support for those wanting to introduce meditation into their daily routine. Andy is a highly inspirational person and will also be sharing fascinating stories from his experiences as a Buddhist monk.

Afterwards you can gain access to personalised online support and you`ll be given resources to help you get the most out of the Headspace experience.

The Events will be on 4th February, 3rd March and 14th April with the first session running from 11am-12.30pm and the second session running from 2.30pm-4pm.

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