Luxury Super Car Equals The Ferrari P4/5

We took a brief look at probably the most expensive and most desirable car on the planet here when we included the Bugatti Veyron in a list of potential gifts for a billionaire.


But the Bugatti now has a potential rival in the form of the Ferrari P4/5 (awful name in my opinion) which is in effect a suped up Ferrari Enzo. So how does it measure up.

  • The body is composed of a unique carbon fibre.
  • Designed by the iconic Italian firm Pininfarina.
  • Incorporates the performance of the Ferrai Enzo.
  • The P4/5 has a clear glass canopy stretching from the windscreen over the roof and engine, all the way to the rear, and incorporates a pair of gullwing doors.
  • The Enzo`s twin radiators have been amalgamated into a single unit to allow a shorter nose.
  • White ceramic exhaust pipes emerge from the rear deck.
  • Two racing seats feature unique fabrics.
  • The dashboard has been simplified with a digital display.
  • Phone system that works anywhere on the planet.
  • iPod dock on the centre console.
  • The steering wheel features the same paddleshifters as the Enzo.
  • Six-speed gearbox.
  • The engine is a 660bhp 6.0-litre V12.
  • The weight is less than the Enzo falling by 55kg to 1,310kg.
  • Aerodynamically tested, the P4/5 has a potential top speed of 225mph, up from the Enzo`s 217mph.
  • There appears to be some dispute on the price tag which is reported to be anywhere between £1 million and £2.5 million.

Official public launch is set for Pebble Beach on the 20 August followed by an appearance at the Paris Motor Show in September.

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