Luxury Is An Understated Watch

Owning a luxury watch can make sense from a financial perspective as well as a fashion perspective. Yes some timepieces are fiendishly expensive but if you think about it a sturdy watch with a timeless styling can last a lifetime and can be passed down the generations. Personally I must have bought over 10 watches in as many years for around £100-£300. Each one has either broken mechanically or the face has been damaged or the strap breaks.

No problem you might say, go to a shop and get it repaired. Not as easy as you might think. Cheaper watch models tend to discontinue quicker and spare parts are at a premium or non existent so what’s the choice – buy another watch of course, hence my ten watches in as many years. So instead of going through the mill with a cheaper watch why not buy something to last and that has an accredited warranty and repair facility.

We’re going to be reviewing various quality timepieces over the coming months and I would like to start with one of the understated mens luxury watches. I’m not really into the bling bling but we will be taking a look at some of those watches too.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is just a beautifully simple styled watch that is gonna stand the test of time. Incorporating simple brushed steel, this self winding swiss timepiece just hits the spot in terms of functionality, sturdiness and looks. According to the manufacturers each watch is individually hand finished by skilled workers who check every last detail and ensure that it’s durability is greater than an ever ready battery!image

The other thing I like about this watch is that although it retails for near on $20,000 you wouldn’t overtly know that from a distance. Get up close and the workmanship tells the story. So if your buying a watch to do a job and look understatedly cool rather than as a “look at me” fashion accessory this watch is ideal.

If this type of luxury watch is out of your price range keep your eyes peeled for the older discounted or discontinued luxury mens watches. Just because it’s last years model doesn’t mean it’s not going to to do the job.

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