The Price of Staying Young – a new luxury anti ageing device

The question of ageing – and how to prevent it – has fascinated humanity for millennia. The World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi (September 2013) revealed an anti ageing device that may well bring mankind a step closer to delaying the ageing process.

Human Regenerator

Hogging the limelight at the Expo, the device, which has been aptly called the ‘Human Regenerator’, was developed by System 4 Technologies GmbH, a German company. Bullet-shaped and weighing in at 128 kg, the device is large enough to accommodate an adult. It uses unique quantum cell technology, referred to as Quantum Cell Code, to imitate natural body frequencies and generate longitudinal waves which, in combination with aluminium and silicon deposits, assist to a certain extent in controlling the natural ageing process.


The Price of Youth

Made to order, the device, which naturally aroused a great deal of interest, is apparently priced at around $557,000, and the company producing it is said to have restricted manufacture to 50 devices per year. Giving the ever increasing number of world-wide billionaires and the fact that the device has already shown some positive results in controlling ageing, it is, however, anyone’s guess how many Human Regenerators will eventually be produced on an annual basis.

The Exhibition Regenerator

The Regenerator used at the Abu Dhabi Expo held at the Emirate Palace was, by the way, encrusted with a total of 6880 carats’ worth of diamonds to give it a more luxurious appearance. This exclusive, one-only piece of anti-ageing equipment is subsequently worth a cool $10 million.

Paying the Price

Whether you ‘land’ the diamond-encrusted show-piece or a ‘plain’ device, the price of maintaining your youth is certainly not going to be a small one. The question whether it is worth it is ultimately something everyone must answer for him/ herself.

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