Swarovski at The Cannes Film Festival 2013

Guest Post by Toby Rose
To glitter and sparkle in the starry showbiz firmament even the hottest actresses and their smartest frocks benefit from a flattering adornment to catch the eye.

Supplying these inventive finishing touches at Cannes are Swarovski who have been accessorising the biggest names on the red carpet at Cannes 2013.


And the sparklers supplied by Swarovski are the perfect target for the flash blitz of the cameras which nightly captured the Cannes magic in picture. The refracted spangle of Swarovski crystals offers added stardust to the biggest names. No matter the wattage of the star power Swarovski sparkle enhances the effect. Something of a sparkle supercharger. What`s not to like?

The first floor HQ of the legendary name of crystal has sent a series of their finest new creations on to the red carpet this year. The sophisticated showroom in the Hotel Martinez has equipped some of the world`s leading stars this year including Frieda Pinto and Milla Jovovich. Nestling in the niches are tempting trinkets including some eye-catching necklaces.

Rings are to be found resting in smart blue boxes tempting baubles encrusted with the trademark crystals. Behind a curtain of strings of diamond-like crystals is a rather dramatic sculpture. This is a pretty showy showroom.

Entering this most stylish of spaces it is easy to be transported directly onto the red carpet and if you close your eyes it is just possible to hear the cheering crowds and the clicking cameras.
Swarovski are not a sideshow at Cannes, they are very centre stage.


And they play a leading role in the world of cinema. Swarovski has had sparkling roles in a number of films including Black Swan, Ocean`s Thirteen, W.E., This is It, The Phantom of the Opera. They are currently involved in their first feature film production Romeo and Juliet directed by Carlo Carlei.

Last year, Swarovski bejewelled no less a Mademoiselle in the making than debutante Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe. This sexy young French starlet went on to star alongside Daniel Craig`s 007 in the biggest Bond film ever – Skyfall.

Who knows which one of Swarovski glamorous girls is going to be catapulted to global success in the year ahead, but what we do know is that Cannes, as ever, will be a launch pad for a stellar career boost this year. And the chances are they wore Swarovski on Cannes famous red steps in May 2013.

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