Bye, bye boring bath time!!

Introducing the Jacuzzi La Scala Jetted Entertainment Bath T650…


Remember the days when staying in a hotel with a phone in the bathroom meant it was upscale? We`ve come a long way, baby; behold today`s roundup of four state-of-the-art modern bathtubs with built-in televisions. Perhaps we`re too busy to simply do one thing at a time; maybe some of us absolutely cannot disconnect for more than five-minute increments, and tuning out the world for the length of a bath is just too much; or maybe luxury is luxury, and that`s just that.

Packed with features such as a DVD System, state-of-the art entertainment center, a 43″ high definition flat screen television, a FLOATING remote control and underwater lighting – this really is the poshest way to stay clean!

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